Motorcycle helmet

Giving riders an unforgettable, addictive experience

It’s not just about the bike, it’s about the culture and lifestyle of the rider

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Helping clients help themselves

A framework to help reduce costs

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Exciting and uniting a workforce

Creating a magazine with a pick-me-up human element

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Content is consumed, experiences are lived, together they create emotions that are shared

Madebysonder, A simple 4-stage audience-first approach

Our approach to our work is a simple one. Four clear and very definite stages with the audience as our constant focus.

Love Your Audience is our research and this comes first. We find out just what makes them tick.

Next comes the strategy. How can we ensure the right content is delivered through the right channel at the right moment? Does your audience need that magazine when they can be reached on their smartphones?

Content creation is where it gets really exciting as we begin crafting beautiful experiences to enlighten and brighten both ourselves and the targeted audience. Will a short movie get the message across? A hand-drawn illustration? Maybe an in-depth interview and photoshoot with an expert?

Then we review by monitoring results. A huge level of engagement, brilliant. How do we get more?

We are a strong diverse team with experts in writing, design, digital, strategy and development. In every project we combine our expertise and passion for unforgettable content with your knowledge to create something that is truly special.

4 step process of how Sonder works