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Creating an unforgettable journey

It’s not simply a case of getting your message out there, it’s about crafting beautiful experiences. In order to fully engage an audience, we must ‘wow’ them.

Audience engagement relies on emotion; information alone is not enough. People don’t have watercooler moments by discussing how they’ve enjoyed reading the company’s health & safety manual. It’s an important informative tool, of course, but that’s all it needs to be.

To engage the audience though, to really bring them in, information needs emotion. A headline triggers one, an image, a design, the tactile nature of a printed piece of work, the interactivity of online content. At Sonder, when we know our audience and the right platform for them, we craft information with emotion to create beautiful experiences.

These experiences resonate with an audience, building a brand affinity. And we have countless ways to do it. We’ve built content-rich websites, interviewed rock stars, shopworkers, actors, salmon farmers and celebs. We’ve live-streamed product launches, shot 360˚ videos, captured the lives of swimmers, bikers, runners and retailers. We’ve written stories, we’ve drawn, painted and illustrated features, we’ve created and developed brand-new apps.

At Sonder, we’ve found that creating beautifully constructed content for the audience gives them an engaging experience, building brand awareness, pride and a desire to share the message.

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Choosing the experience

There are no limitations in how you can reach your audience. Print, digital, video, social media – we live in an exciting age where the options in communications continue to grow. Engagement is key. The audience must be drawn into the content and feel the message. Our teams of designers, illustrators, strategists, coders and journalists will work with you to create the perfect experience.

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