Paul Gataaura Paul Gataaura

Experience design isn’t a process or methodology. It’s a belief system that plugs directly into the thoughts and desires of an audience. Continually observing the behaviours and context in which a brand’s audience exists is the challenge and the future is our horizon.

10 rules to live by from the great and the good in creativeland

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At FITCx 17 in Amsterdam I was inspired by so many great minds in Future, Innovation, Tech and Creativity – it’s made me reflect on how creating the right creative space will achieve great things. This is how you do it:

  1. Look beyond the horizon – identify where the interesting stuff is happening
  2. Experiment, experiment, experiment. The techniques you discover can lead to bigger things
  3. Create a vision of the future for yourself, your team, your stakeholders, your clients
  4. Get under the skin of requirements. Challenge the brief. It’s your job to ask ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’
  5. Agree a plan and believe in it
  6. You need exploration and time to think to produce the best results (everyone has to invest in the approach, so educate and prove that the process will produce great results)
  7. Prototype, test, iterate and improve (high fidelity prototypes work best). Learn on the fly 
  8. Check and evaluate your plan to make sure the vision is being followed
  9. When you’re working your face off, it’s really the time to pause, and work out how to work smart…
  10. …which includes always setting time aside to play in the studio. Keep the core crew happy and you will deliver.
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