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Delving into the data

It’s all very well thinking you’ve got it right but without the feedback and hard facts, you will never know. Results breed results.

When it comes to content, emotion is our currency. Changing the way people think and feel is how we measure success. As people we love emotions and as brands we want to tap into them. Measurement of them has become paramount, but with the proliferation of content, channels and moments that influence these emotions measurement has become complicated. The times, as always, are a changing.

In 1964 Bob Dylan performed on the popular Toronto television show Quest. Instead of following the accepted format of the time: a face-to-face interview with the host, the producers allowed Dylan to play his songs for the entire show. It’s a win for all concerned.

The musician gets to promote his work, his content, to a huge audience. The audience in turn say – “hey this guy is great, I’m going to buy that amazing album”. The producers have done something ground-breaking, and viewing figures go up.

Measuring moments in time

Now take today, Youtube user 54321p has uploaded an edit of that very same performance and we can see at a glance the results on viewing time and emotion – results that could never have been collected back in 60s Toronto. Over the past 4 years the video has been viewed 13,721,662 times of which 49 thousand people have liked and 1 thousand have disliked the video. These are all moments in time when the audience has had an emotion. 2,399 people have even been stirred to comment on the video. Learnings from one piece of content one channel. But what do they really mean?

At Sonder we understand the power of data and results but we also challenge the necessity of ‘vanity’ results. Is your current campaign chasing big likes, re-tweets or shares? Our approach is to identify the goals of your audience and create content that resonates and attracts them towards a lasting relationship.

With this in mind we work closely with our partners to define realistic KPI’s that can be measured against data that aligns to appropriate targets at each step of the audience journey. These targets are never set in stone. The best approach is to keep them fluid so that our teams can consistently learn and refine to build the best relationship with your audience.