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Getting under the skin of obesity


Health and wellbeing is a subject that is now ingrained in our everyday life. But along with the cultural drive of eating well and keeping fit there is a deeper and more serious issue. One in four British adults is now classed as being clinically obese and it’s a statistic that is growing steadily worse. The mainstream media talk of ‘eating less and moving more’ is all very well but the facts show that this approach is not working.

For the past 25 years, LighterLife has helped obese people to lose weight through a programme that puts understanding the complex relationship we have with food at its core. They wanted to make a difference and spread their knowledge to a wider audience. It was something which we couldn’t wait to get involved with.

Together we looked at creating a new, credible media brand that would create active debate about the obesity epidemic. We wanted to deliver content with full honesty, content that at times would be graphic, even unsettling, but content that would engage and look deeper into the psychological behaviour around obesity. The result was Broccoli & Brains.

Strategy & Creation

Broccoli & Brains is an ongoing project that is far more than just marketing the brand of LighterLife, it’s about encouraging a new way of thinking. The primary aim was to fuel obesity debate among influencers in the health service, government education and mainstream media. To reach these audiences we needed more than one channel. We needed to work across print digital and social media channels, so we developed and implemented an omni-channel content marketing strategy. This consists of a blog (, Twitter handle (@brocbrainsmag) and a bi-annual 132-page print magazine.

The primary aim was to fuel obesity debate among influencers

Online, we share a mix of personal stories, how to use psychology to change the way we think, how to improve diet through nutritional advice and simple recipes, and interesting scientific facts and insights that start to explain obesity.

The bi-annual magazine is a hive of creation and hard-hitting stories that pack a powerful punch. At times, due to the nature of the topic, it can make for difficult, but essential, reading. These are real stories which can be upsetting, but because they are real they are making a huge impact. The design mirrors these stories with a no-holds-barred approach to create eclectic, thought-provoking and daring visuals.

The magazine is direct mailed to a list of targeted influencers, placed in environments where the audience gathers e.g. conferences and events, and are encouraged to join the conversation and share content via twitter and the blog.

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