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overview is a content rich responsively designed website for riders; the next best thing to the open road. It’s there to inspire, entertain and build brand affinity to a British icon, Triumph Motorcycles. Come here to experience the thrill of riding and to be part of a vibrant biking community, fuelling riders’ imagination and dreams.

The site is not just about Triumph, just as riding is not only about the bike. It’s the culture, passions and lifestyle of the riders – whatever bike they ride. Stories are told in long-form, in video, in imagery and through maps.

You’ll find arts, sports, music, clothing and fashion are all prominent players. This is about the niche and fascinating worlds that today’s riders are part of. As a result, is accessed and enjoyed by non-riders as well, building brand awareness for a whole new audience.

Strategy & Creation

Triumph Motorcycles are proud to be at the cutting edge of engineering and design. Given this, in 2015, we recommended the take an ‘always-on’ content approach to build support among Triumph riders. They agreed and how we did this, well, that was up to us.

Triumph’s strapline ‘For the ride’ was integral to our thinking. Riders are passionate individuals, living and breathing not just the bikes but the lifestyle that goes with it.

Riders are passionate creatures, living and breathing not just the bikes but the lifestyle that goes with it.

As part of our 4-step methodology, we started by researching the audience. We commissioned in-depth audience insights with emphasis on media consumption, social media platforms and general lifestyle interests, as well as working closely with the client to understand its customer personas and range of motorcycles.

We used these insights to shape the new content marketing strategy. They ensured appeal across personas and motorcycle models, helping us strike the right balance of content such as long and short-form copy, event live-streaming and photo galleries.

We then focused on developing a website that blends rider experiences with the bikes they love. From exclusive interviews with Triumph ambassadors including celebrity names from  Beckham and Bear Grylls, to our readers’ round-the-world trips, is about sharing the thrill of motorcycling, the lifestyle around it and, ultimately, transporting the reader from their device to the road.

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