British Heart Foundation, House of Care

Explainer animation and digital assets aimed at healthcare professionals


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) was looking for a short animation that would provide an overview of a new health care pilot scheme, the charity had financially supported.

To support this on the BHF website, we used the creative assets from the animation to create a set of web pages, a downloadable PDF and business cards.

We created a concept and narrative of the animation, as well as developing a new illustrative style and character creation that was aligned with their new branding.

The animation

We chose to blend live action with a stop-frame animation style. We wanted to create a look and feel that showed how the House of Care works when everyone across the healthcare community communicates. To achieve this, we applied a hand-crafted aesthetic using live footage of hands cutting up pieces of paper to construct the story.

Our role:

Original illustrative style

Our in-house illustrator custom-created characters using the new BHF brand guidelines as inspiration. We built a broad range of original personalities to show how we would demonstrate diversity across roles within the NHS and patient types.

Working collaboratively with our clients at the very early stages ensures that the correct look and feel is captured early on in the project, thereby meeting everyone’s expectations.

We wanted to create a hand-cut aesthetic in a more cost-effective way so, for this campaign, we used scanned paper and Photoshop.

Supporting digital and print assets

House of Care PDF

The 28-page PDF (below) was conceived and designed by us, using all of the assets from the animation. The information and assets also had to be edited to work across different pages of the BHF website.

Business cards

The animation was to be shared on BHF’s social channels and website but also it was shown at exhibitions. Our clients at BHF asked us to devise a ‘takeaway’ for interested visitors so we created a set of audience specific business-style cards (see bottom of page) that were simple, effective and eye-catching.

Strategy and creation

Aimed at healthcare professionals, from doctor’s receptionists to commissioners, the content had to be condensed from a 127-page evaluation report and:

The success of House of Care, the report concluded, was the participation of the wider healthcare community. For example, this scheme would not work if those frontline people did not play their part by identifying the patients to take part. Similarly, decision makers at senior district level had to ensure that the right funds were made available to hire district nurses.

This is why we used the hands of many different people to move around and control the elements of the animation. Together they ‘build’ the House of Care, each according to their own expertise.

This was our first project for BHF and have since developed a video for their consumer audience, and are currently working on further print and digital projects.