Speedo, #MAKE1KWET

Video-led campaign aimed at runners


We were commissioned to create a video-led campaign that encouraged runners to swap one of their weekly 5km runs for a 1km swim. The benefits that swimming would bring to their running should be evident in the content.

Having worked with Speedo on several digital content projects before, we had no hesitation in diving straight in.

Strategy & Creation

The campaign was called #Make1KWet (which included a partnership with Eurosport featuring a documentary on how swimming could help runners’ fitness levels). The documentary starred one of their new ambassadors, triathlete and duathlete Annie Emmerson. Our concepts needed to complement these initiatives and be appropriate for placement on owned and paid channels across the UK, Asia, mainland Europe, China and Australia.

Our research into the target audience led us to pick up on the challenge and goal-setting behaviours exhibited by them. To engage them we had to have a narrative that would create intrigue. This audience – we knew from our previous work with Speedo – love to compare themselves to their peers and set themselves goals. This was identified as the key to a great solution.

Could a runner swim a distance of just 1km in the same time it takes her/him to run 5km?

So we came up with a challenge which was to be the heart of the project: could a runner swim a distance of just 1km in the same time it takes her/him to run 5km? We tested the waters with competent runners who were lapsed swimmers to see if it was achievable or too easy. It proved to be difficult enough but ultimately achievable, which was a perfect balance.

We then filmed three runners, profiling them and showing them attempting the challenge. Each was an influencer or journalist who would also share the stories on their own social channels. We proposed five short films to be used across owned channels, with Speedo supporting the films through the Eurosport partnership.

There were three individual video stories, a film featuring all three runners and an expert ‘how to’ video led by Annie Emmerson. Managing all the elements of production and creative direction, we scripted, sourced locations, influencers and extras, storyboarded, edited and interviewed. And, from our book of contacts, we sourced an external videographer.

Here’s one example of the final video stories, the full set can be viewed here.

This series of films perfectly matched the brief by using credible participants and reflected the diversity of the challenge-driven consumer. Executed beautifully, they told the narrative behind each participant and creatively conveyed the physical and emotional elements of the challenge.

Phil Myers, Digital Experience Manager for Pentland Brands

Madebysonder, Results


Video views and growing across the campaign