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It’s always nice to be invited somewhere, so when Marks & Spencer asked us to talk to them about a new employee communications strategy we were more than happy to pop round. The retailer was launching a brand-new intranet, M&S World, and it was crucial that their company magazine played a key part in its success; that it complemented and help drive the multi-channel strategy.

The magazine needed to inspire readers to live its company values, to share stories about M&S people and the part they play in this, to make employees feel valued, and convey business objectives without employing a topdown approach. It was essential that all these objectives were employed along with the desire for employees to go from magazine to the newly established intranet.

Strategy & Creation

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From our research into the audience it became abundantly clear, very quickly that M&S store colleagues are busy people. With limited access to digital devices in store, employees confirmed that a print magazine format would be the best form of communication for them. Within the magazine itself, a peer-to-peer tone was crucial for the editorial in order to avoid a feeling of topdown messaging. For the design, well not only did it have to reflect the M&S brand, it had to have that ‘pick-up’ appeal – without that the whole purpose becomes redundant.

The audience don’t have a lot of free time so another way we set out engage them was by being brief. Gone was the idea of long features, instead punchy and effective short-form copy, often written in first person of the employee and framed by gorgeous, high quality reportage photography.

Our recommendation was to position M&S World as an employee engagement brand that exists as an intranet (digital), Social (Yammer) and magazine (print). So, for each feature, we create ‘jumping-off points’ to exclusive online content related to that topic (including new features and videos or links to M& All of this has made M&S World a cyclical creature of print, digital and social.

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