Speedo, Mind.Body.Swim

A set of branded assets to support new campaign


Speedo commissioned us to create and design a series of interactive PDFs and recipe cards to support their new campaign – MindBodySwim. With distinctive branding, it had to be applied to swim workout plans and recipe cards. We also had to create a set of icons which would support the training plan.

All of the creative had to be translated into French and German, and then the new copy flowed into the documents.

Strategy & Creation

Interactive PDFs

Swim workout plans

The four swim workouts had to be downloadable and easy for swimmers to refer to in print and online. They also had to be interactive so that users could click through and watch Speedo’s swimming technique videos on their phones. We produced them in English, French and German.

Recipe cards

These cards needed to be designed so that they would work in the three languages. We also had to include all of the necessary branding elements for the campaign: the Mind.Body.Swim branding, Speedo branding and Speedo On branding (the training app).

Icon design

These had to be very simple outlines as per the brand guidelines but convey some tricky ideas. For example: