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Exciting and uniting a workforce


Tesco is a huge company but, in recent years, one that’s had it’s own challenges. In 2015, after a series of redundancies, store closures and financial issues a change in management heralded a new era for internal communications at the company. A new intranet was launched at Tesco but a digital solution was not the only solution. In an effort to address the diversity of work lifestyle, we were approached to provide a channel that would reach all employees.

To really engage such a huge and diverse workforce, we needed to produce a bold and innovative print publication that would not only convey crucial business messages but celebrate the spirit of Tesco as both a collective and as individuals.

We wanted to help instil pride back into the brand and encourage colleagues to be advocates for Tesco and feel part of the changing culture. In order to do this we would have to include content that reflected an understanding of Tesco and its diverse mix of colleagues, while encouraging them to become closely involved on an ongoing basis with the content of the magazine.

Strategy & Creation

What does the audience want to see? It’s an integral question to developing any project. Business messages would always be delivered but, realistically, the nature of a magazine requires content that makes one want to pick it up. It needed a human element.



Our philosophy was to make employees at the heart of the content planning so we set up a Communications Panel, made up of representatives from all levels of Tesco. Hereby ensuring the content reflected what was genuinely important to colleagues.

Our design would have the feeling of being hand-crafted and tactile.

The 52-page magazine called ‘t’ would be published quarterly, allowing us to focus on wider themes and tell interesting stories in ways that entertain and inform but also support key business times of the year. Our design would have the feeling of being hand-crafted and tactile with strong use of photography, typography and editorial treatments. This approach would help build a personality for the magazine.

We also recommended extending ‘t’ magazine content (incl. video versions) on to the Our Tesco intranet in order to help drive traffic to the site and improve dwell time.


T magazine cover


Through a ‘t’ magazine Yammer group members suggest stories, interview colleagues and attend photoshoots, meaning senior management take a back seat and allow colleagues to tell stories from their own point of view. We turn their stories into interesting and engaging content that colleagues want to read! This approach makes sure ‘t’ is a magazine for employees, by employees.

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