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Give the audience meaningful content that they desire

How do you get content to your audience? It could be through a monthly magazine. It could be a website. Or even a quarterly newspaper. Maybe a weekly blog, or a YouTube Channel, or one of numerous Social Media accounts

At Sonder we understand that there are countless options, but using the right one or combination is where it all begins. Context is everything and your brand needs to get to the correct audience with relevant content that resonates with them and their desires in their favourite channels.

Coming up with exciting and inspiring ways to engage an audience, well, we adore it. Our journalists love to write, our designers love to create, our developers love to build new worlds. But all of that amounts to nothing without a solid strategy.

Getting the right content delivered through the right channel at the right moment is everything. Working with you we will listen, guide, challenge and create until we get our three Rights, completely right.

This Always On World

What came first, the thirst for permanently accessible content or the smartphone? Perhaps that thirst has always been there but with our online devices now as ubiquitous as coffee houses it’s a channel that now leads the way. It’s a 24-hour, rolling news machine. A day-long, night-long media machine. A way to communicate with friends, family, work and, well, everybody and anybody anywhere. We live in an ‘always on world’ absorbing content.

“Through our research of your audience we will find the best channels of communication”

And though some would argue that this new world has taken away the art of conversation it’s more the case that the conversation has evolved. As we sit in those coffee shops, while we wait for our date, when we take that long train journey, we are no longer alone. We can read, chat, watch and learn among countless other activities. Audiences are different but we’re now at a time when we can say that most are online and on the go. The audience has become immediate and can be reached at any time.

Through our research of your audience we will find the best channels of communication. Do they tweet? Are they early risers? Are they Facebook-obsessed? Are they online at work? Are they active in the morning or in the evening?

When we find the correct channels that fit your audience, then we can create living, breathing content and begin crafting beautiful experiences for them.