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Spoken by Sonder

Our services:

  • Voice experience and marketing, consulting and strategy development
  • Conversation and customer experience mapping
  • Voice search marketing
  • Alexa Skills
  • Google Actions
  • Chatbot/AI activated experiences
  • Audio content creation
  • Text to speech content optimisation
  • Podcasts

Voice Assistants and AI have already started to make our lives easier. There is no doubt that Voice-activated experiences will soon become second nature in all aspects of our daily and professional lives.

So, what does that mean to brands? How can their products and services benefit from the opportunities that Voice is going to bring?

Certainly, it’s not a question of if  Voice is relevant to your business, but when and how.

alexa device in foreground of a generic room with a woman sat in the background in soft focus

Does Alexa know what your brand is?

When your customers speak up and ask Google or Alexa about a product, experience or service related to your brand, what are they going to hear? Alexa admitting ignorance (which it does, regularly right now), one of your competitors or will be it your brand that the algorithms discover and broadcast?

Is your SEO fit for purpose in Voice? How are you making your brand discoverable?

Voice is more than search

Yes, we recommend getting your content spoken by Google, Alexa, Siri or Cortana. But there’s more to Voice than this. As user confidence grows, harnessing AI capabilities to hold conversations and interact is going to be essential.

Those brands that want to be future ready are already looking at how they will be able to build immersive and habitual experiences. We’ve learnt a lot from the development curve of mobile apps. Also, Amazon and Google are ensuring the entry threshold for Skills and Actions development is low, but we still need to ensure experiences enhance brand value or contribute to revenue generation.

Voice is about listening, too

Voice-activated experiences typically lead to audio content and experiences, and creating content to be played as well as optimising it for AI speech is a growing opportunity. For example, the explosion in listening to podcasts hasn’t quite been matched by the speed of brands to deliver entertaining and relevant content through this channel. Search any specialist topics and you’ll find holes that your brand is perfect to fill.

Get ahead of your competitors

At Spoken by Sonder, our focus is on helping organisations to navigate these opportunities in Voice experience and marketing. With so few organisations being Voice ready, you have the chance to be heard. By being ahead of the curve, your brand can gain the advantage over competitors.

Voice assistant in a car

Voice and the marketing funnel

Voice has the benefit of being able to deliver for brands at all stages of the marketing funnel. From awareness to conversion and, in time when trust is built, to purchase. To deliver these different experiences, it is key to have a robust strategy in place.

Collaborating with Spoken by Sonder

With Voice, we HAVE to start with the audience. Who, where, which device, what need, what context? Our experience gives us the skills to help research and recognise those situations.

We devise Voice strategies that take into account the whole customer journey. Our approach ensures integration with your wider ecosystem.

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